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Adding a sunroom can transform your home. In this post, Ausiports outlines the most popular reasons our customers have given us for a sunroom addition. From adding value to your home, helping you to get your vitamin D, and their energy-saving potential, the benefits of sunrooms make them an obvious choice when thinking about how to customise to suit your lifestyle.

A sunroom is the perfect transitional space between indoors and outdoors, and ideal for mild weather. Using large glass windows or screens, it lets in more sunlight, creating a bright and airy indoor space whilst offering outdoor access.

Health Benefits

It might sound far-fetched, but adding a calming space with lots of natural light to your home is good for your health. It helps you get your recommended daily dose of vitamin D from sunlight, boosts your circadian rhythm for better sleep, helps to reduce stress and can even improve your mood. Sitting in front of large sunroom windows supports general wellbeing. Create a place where you can relax, unwind and spend time with your family in peace.

The benefits of sunrooms extend even further than human health. The natural light that sunroom windows offer is also great for your house plants. If you haven’t had much luck keeping your plants alive in the house, a sunroom could be the perfect spot for them.

Extra Living Space

The extra space you can enjoy is perhaps the finest perk of adding a sunroom to your house. Your home will suddenly be more spacious if you make a sunroom addition, and you can dedicate that new space to any number of activities, from turning it into a calming private space, to creating a games room for the kids.

It’s the ideal spot to take in the summer sun, inconspicuously observe wildlife that visits your garden, or watch a storm pass through, all from the comfort of your sunroom.

Shelter for pets

Your home's sunroom can be a great space for interacting with pets but not in the main house especially during bad weather. Because the construction and materials are easy clean surfaces and powder coated finishes, pet hair and paw prints wipe easily off.

Increase Your Home’s Sale Value

When you add a sunroom to your home, you not only get extra living space in your home, but you also add lifestyle value to your home that perspective purchases notice. But also, since sunrooms are unique, your property will stand out for potential buyers, thereby attracting higher interest and return buyers.

Contact Ausiports today in Berkeley Vale or visit our Charmhaven showroom. You may also call us on 02 4389 2251 to enquire about adding a sunroom to your home.


Ausiports offer a fully detailed, written quotation accompanied by full design drawings so you are totally sure of what you are getting when you place your order. Our quotes are valid for 30 days, giving you time to consider this important decision without being pressured to "sign now or miss out".


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