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Balustrades and Handrails worth holding onto. Ausiports offer a range of Balustrade and Handrails options designed to keep you safe whilst complementing your home or commercial property. Raised decks, balconies or stairways are all areas where falling from heights poses a ...

Ausiports “Covered Walkway System” has been widely specified for use as covers over pedestrian walkways in schools and commercial installations. The Hi-Tensile, Long Spanning, Colorbond, Roof Decks, Gutters and Beams that form the Ausiports “Covered Walkway System” give Ausiports the design flexibility...

“Unique”. No other word effectively describes the Ausiports Curved Roof Awning. Choose your style of roofing from the traditional corrugated roof profile or stylish Flat Deck. Adding Polycarbonate Light Panels provides additional illumination and draws your eye through the dramatic, curved lines of the roof.

Custom designed and built to provide extra space with loads of character, an Ausiports Deck is the ideal place to entertain family and friends, or just sit back, relax and unwind.With over 25 years of deck building experience and access to the best quality timbers and deck building systems in the industry...

What better way to extend your living area than to take advantage of the great outdoors. An obligation free meeting in your home with one of our Design Consultants can open up a world of lifestyle improving options. With over 25 years of design and construction experience and access to..

Adding an Ausiports Flat Roof Carport to the front, side or rear of your home will not only offer great weather protection for your car, boat or caravan, but also adds a great area for entertaining when the time for a party arrives.

Do you have an unusual area that you would like to cover but can’t quite figure out how to do it properly? Maybe it’s an area that has a low head height, faces west and traps the heat or an area that just doesn’t suit a traditional style awning installation. An Ausiports Flyover Awning could be the ideal solution.

Incorporating all of the strength and flexibility of design offered by the Flat Roof Awning, an Ausiports Gable Roof Awning steps up the style level by literally “raising the roof”.
The Gable Roof Awning Client is spoilt for choice with a range of gable options ...

“Street Appeal”; Supplied at no additional cost when you have Ausiports Design and Install the Perfect Gable Roof Carport at your place. Ausiports Gable Roof Carports open up a world of style choices with Traditional Gables, Open Front Gables, Dutch Gables, Hip End Gables and..

Designed to look great, built to last. Your Ausiports Garden Shed is the perfect storage solution for mowers and garden tools, toys, bikes and bits & pieces, all of the gear that no longer fits into your garage. Ausiports Garden Sheds are custom made to order, allowing us to build the shed that exactly meets your needs.

Safe, Secure and Sensationally Stylish. Frame the front of your home with Gates and Fencing from Ausiports. Choose from a huge range of materials, designs and configurations, your Ausiports Fences and Gates will provide the security and privacy that you need, whilst retaining their great looks for years to come.

Sit back, relax and take in the views from your new Ausiports “Panorama Glass Room”. Alternately, there’s no better place for a party regardless of the weather conditions outside. Whatever the occasion, your new Ausiports “Panorama Glass Room” will quickly become your favourite room in the house.

Insulated Roof Awnings are an ideal way to minimise the impact of radiant heat, noise and condensation that can sometimes be apparent in single skin awning installations.
When a single skin awning is exposed to dramatic temperature differences, condensation can form as moisture on the underside of the roof.

A huge range of roof design options are available including Traditional Gables, Open Front Gables, Dutch Gables, Hip End Gables and the stylish Gazebo End. All of these roof styles can be integrated into your existing roof structure.

INVISI-GARD is designed first and foremost to protect your family and home from would-be intruders and performs this task better than any other product on the market.
INVISI-GARD can also help protect your home from insects, fire and storm driven debris whilst maintaining airflow and your view.

At last… No Paint, No Stain, No Pain Lattice Ausiports Aluminium Lattice "AUSILAT" is the perfect, low maintenance alternative to timber lattice. Beautifully finished in Long Lasting Powdercoat, "AUSILAT" can be supplied in a colour that matches, contrasts or complements

An ideal, cost effective solution to the issues of privacy whilst retaining your view. Ausiports manufacture and install a range of fixed and operable Louvre Systems suited to fencing installations. Available with fixed or movable blades, Ausiports Louvres give you the power to control the degree of openness...

We can’t control the weather but we can help you to control the effects the weather has on your living areas. Sun wind and rain and how they impact your lifestyle can be quite effectively managed with an Ausiports Aluminium Louvre installation. We manufacture and install a range of fixed and operable Louvre Systems.

Take full control of your outdoor lifestyle with an Ausiports Opening Roof Awning. Shelter from the rain or bask in the sun, the control is in your hands. Not at home and a storm is on the way? No problem. Your Ausiports Opening Roof Awning can automatically close in the event of rain and it will even reopen once the...

One of the most flexible enclosure options available would have to be the Ausiports “Paradise Room”. As an exciting alternative to the more traditional “Panorama Glass Room”, the Ausiports “Paradise Room” offers full weather protection and the unique ability to slide the window sashes down to floor level.

Is there a more “Aussie” lifestyle addition than the backyard swimming pool? It’s right up there with the iconic “Barbie”, “Meat Pie” and even the “Fly”. Even in our temperate climate, swimming pools are not usable all year round and the ever present Gum Trees and their leaf, bark and branch shedding friends ..

In today’s fast paced world, everyone needs to seek refuge from time to time and there is no better place than in the privacy of your own home. This is not always possible when your own personal sanctuary is open to the prying gaze of neighbours and passers-by.

Nothing stays the same for long. Your ideal home of yesterday has become the cramped compromise of today.
An obligation free meeting in your home with one of our Design Consultants can open up a world of lifestyle improving options.

It’s a beautiful day to be outside relaxing with a book and a cuppa in your favourite chair. Unfortunately your relaxation is ruined by the unwanted attention of the flies and mosquitos that are ever-present, uninvited guests. Don’t even think about trying to serve lunch or cook a barbeque as millions of flying pests will invade within seconds.

Family and Security - two of the most important things in life. It is an unfortunate reality that there are many people out there that pose a real threat to both. Protection for our family and the things we treasure most is a real issue.

With the price of electricity and other power resources skyrocketing, it is essential that we harness the heating, cooling and light energy that is supplied to us all, free of charge, by Mother Nature. How we control the effects of the sun, wind and rain in relation to our buildings can have a huge impact ...

The ultimate in design flexibility and indoor outdoor integration can be yours with the "Tri-Slide” Patio Sash Panel System. Ideal for new patio structures or just as suited for integration into existing patio areas.

Sun and Rain Protection for your Doors & Windows. Effective protection for exposed doorways and windows offers many year round benefits. Windows & Doors exposed to sun and rain can deteriorate rapidly, requiring expensive repairs and even replacement.

Simply The Best Track Guided Blind System. Whatever the style of your home or business, Ziptrak has a solution for you. Flexible installation options mean that a Ziptrak Blind can be installed in even the most difficult locations.